Five actions before raising a ticket to AZDS support

Before raising a ticket to AZDS support, please perform the following steps.

Sabre configuration

Check (room description, rate dynamic package etc.) configuration/settings, assignment to BE channel. You can use Sabre knowledge base to customize fields, policies, rooms and rates etc.

SynXis UI display

Our recommendation is that you first verify you are able to see your changes on your SynXis booking engine; if your changes are not showing up on the SynXis booking engine, then they will not show on the RevRaise booking engine.

You are able to access your hotel's SynXis booking engine through either one of the below links as long as you populate your hotel's SynXis ID in the bolded field:

*If your property uses a shell for standard SynXis, include the parameter &shell=ShellID in the URL (i.e.

If you don't see your changes on your SynXis booking engine, log a support ticket to SHS Customer Care to troubleshoot.

BE UI display

Following the link you can learn more about the data that is pulling automatically and that requires manual pull.

Pull and clear cache

Following the link you can find a guide on how to perform pull and clear cache for your hotel BE and request corresponding permissions for this action.

Final BE UI display

The best approach is to use browser in incognito mode to view changes. If you do see your changes on your SynXis booking engine, but you still don't see them on the RevRaise booking engine after pull and clearing cache, please email the RevRaise team,

Click here to complete the Support Request Form*. 

  1. Your email address—a support agent will reply via email.
  2. Subject—Provide the property name and issue title.
  3. Description—describe the issue in detail.
  4. Priority—accurately* indicate the level of the request (low, normal, high or urgent). *Selecting the correct priority level ensures the request is routed to the correct agent.
  5. My request is for the following— indicate the request is for Booking Engine (RevRaise).
  6. Attachments (if applicable)—attach relevant docs/images.
  7. Click Submit.

Zendesk will generate a ticket number. To check the status of the ticket, click here and enter the ticket number in the Search field on the left side of the screen.

*Available to Client Admin-level users and above, only.

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